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How to choose an effective beauty product for each problem

Sagging and swelling
If you are concerned about sagging or swelling, a facial device with a lifting effect is recommended.

Lift-up facial massager appliances have functions such as RF waves and EMS. The vibration and stimulation relaxes the muscles and stimulates collagen production, making it effective in tightening the face line.

If you are prone to swelling when you wake up, you can use a facial care device before applying makeup to reduce facial swelling. In addition to those who are concerned about sagging and swelling, this product is also recommended for those who suffer from a double chin.

If you are concerned about dryness during seasonal changes or if you have dry skin, choose a facial device with moisturizing effects.

Functions such as steamer, core pulse, LED treatment, and ion introduction help moisturizing serums penetrate the skin.

It is dangerous to use a facial device directly in dry conditions. Use a moisturizing gel or serum along with it.

Clogged pores
If you are concerned about clogged pores, a facial cleanser with peeling and cleansing functions is recommended.

A facial cleanser can efficiently remove dirt and dead skin cells from pores that could not be removed by hand care.

If your pores are clogged, your skin will look darker and cause skin problems.

This is a feature that is attracting a lot of attention because it allows you to easily perform esthetic-like care at home.

The suitable facial tool varies depending on the condition of the acne. For those who want to get rid of pigmented acne, we recommend ion, ultrasound, laser, and other functions that provide whitening effects.

For uneven pimples, choose a facial device with RF (radiofrequency) or Dermapen functions.

Those who want to prevent acne need to unclog pores, so use a facial device with peeling and cleansing functions.

Blemishes and lines
To improve the appearance of blemishes and lines, it is necessary for beauty ingredients to stay deep in the skin.

For this purpose, we recommend a facial device that has an ion-introduction function that uses the power of electric ions.

By placing a sheet or cotton ball containing beauty ingredients on the skin and then applying the facial device, the ions of the same electrodes will repel each other, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.

In addition, the LED and ultrasonic functions are also effective in improving blemishes and lines. The red LED promotes collagen production to increase skin elasticity, and the green LED promotes skin metabolism, leading to the improvement of spots and lines.