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Macwood standard outdoor Flooring
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Apr 25, 2022
3:28 PM
Nobody likes to be stranded in a rainstorm, but everyone seems to love the romance that rainfall brings. Whether you're taking a nap with the soothing rain beating against the windows or huddled beneath the protective cover of an umbrella, rain isn't always the horrible event people make it to be.

One of the allures of a stylish indoor floor fountain is the sense of being caught in a rainstorm without getting wet. Any floor water fountain will provide that affect, but there's something very realistic about a slate floor fountain. The sound of the water effects will remind you of a steady, light rain slipping over beach rocks at the cottage. Slate floor fountains are typically a slate slab (providing the body of the floor fountain) with a copper base or frame. Finishing off the look is sometimes a ceramic foundation filled with natural stones.

Planting short, house-friendly tropical plants in the base of the indoor floor fountain will add your own personal touch to the centerpiece. Be wary of climbing vines or high-maintenance plants. Cacti are ideal because of their low maintenance requirements. Plants should never detract form the look and feel of the Macwood standard outdoor Flooring fountain, but should enhance it.

For anyone interested in reliving the romanticism associated with rainstorms without the risk of catching a cold, floor fountains are the ideal solution. A fountain can quickly become the decorating piece you have been looking for as well. It can go in that corner, against the wall or in your entry way as the focal point of company. If you don't like the look of slate there are many glass options available. Find the perfect floor fountain for indoors to bring you these relaxing, soothing, rainfall sounds!
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Apr 26, 2022
2:18 AM
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Apr 28, 2022
2:05 AM
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