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Tips and Tricks To Make an Essay Longer
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Emily Belle
12 posts
Jan 31, 2023
10:45 PM

Essay writing is a complex and time-consuming job that compels many students and writers to end up writing a short essay in most cases. Writing a short essay does not lower the quality or credibility of your work in most cases. However, writing a long essay is another cup of tea that requires the writer's fluency in writing. A wise friend of mine usually says writing is the best remedy to improve your writing skills. Unless your practice writing, and indulge yourself in different types of writing you won't be able to develop the key skills. No matters how intellectually sound you are, or how many books you have read when it comes to writing skills. There are key skills and techniques through which you can improve your writing skills. By doing so, writing long essays would not be a difficult task for you anymore.

First of all, through writing, you put your ideas into a paper. I know that most people possess great ideas, many are great critical thinkers, and many possess great analytical skills but they still face problems when it comes to writing. It happens because these people are deprived of writing skills. I must suggest that you should start paragraph writing if you are facing difficulties in essay writing. However, consistency must be there. For instance, I don't say that you should write five paragraphs in one day and skip writing for the following two days. You should write at least one paragraph on daily basis. If you need any help online you can use the ai essay writer tool to write your essays.

Through consistent paragraph writing, you would catch the necessary fluency in your writing. You would understand the usage of different words and terminology. You would sustain your arguments in the paragraphs. It will improve your sentence structures and punctuation and so on. Nevertheless, it will build your vocabulary in a very short span of time. Once you catch the fluency in your writing, move on to the next step.

Once you are able to write a paragraph, it would not be difficult for you to write long essays. After all, an essay is a combination of different paragraphs. However, it is the nature and structure of an essay that determines the combination of these paragraphs. As an essay writer, you should acquire key skills to join or connect one paragraph with the succeeding or preceding ones. You should be aware of the accurate usage of transitions and connecting one argument with another one. It is the key to essay writing. Remember, it is how you move on from paragraph to paragraph and form one argument to another argument that decides the credibility of your essay.

The simple techniques for long essays are quite simple as well. First of all, propose a broader thesis in your introduction that should consider multiple aspects of the topic. The incorporation of a broader thesis would permit you to divide your essay into many paragraphs. However, the incorporation of more paragraphs means, you have to pose multiple arguments in your essay. Here, the skills that were discussed in the above paragraphs would work for you to sustain the smooth discussion in the various paragraphs. Generally, I write my essay with essay writer ai, in a creative manner. You should also keep coherence in your long essay, it is very important to grasp the reader’s attention.

Always try to follow the TEAR rule while writing your essay. A topic sentence, followed by evidence. First of all, you have to propose a topic sentence, it should be well-thought. Then, you have to provide the premises for the topic sentence. It is the examination of the topic into multiple understandings and dimensions. Likewise, provide evidence for every dimension or explanation. By doing so, you can easily write more than 200 words. Moreover, by providing your analysis and relating the whole argument back to the topic sentence you would be able to complete your paragraph of more than 350 words. This is about a simple trick; you can also consult a PerfectEssayWriterAI for more tricks like this. By repeating the same technique, you can manage to write multiple paragraphs for your essay.

Moreover, you can incorporate counterarguments in your essay as well. It will not only expand the length of your essay but will also increase the credibility of your essay. After every argument, test it against a possible counterargument. However, you should not forget to refute the counterargument with a logical reason as per your argument. It is very necessary you should refute the counterargument. Doing so would allow you to fulfill the word counts for a longer essay. These technicalities are very important when it comes to writing a long essay. By following these rules, you would sustain the quality and credibility of your long essay. If you are searching for an AI tool to write your assignments the perfect essay writer ai is a good option for students because it is easy to use.

To sum up, the tricks to writing a long essay is laid in the rule and principles whereby you write your essay. By following certain rules, you can easily complete the word count for your long essay. propose accurate topic sentences, explain the sentences, provide the necessary evidence, and should write your extensive analysis on it. Relate back the whole idea to the topic sentence. In this way, you can easily write paragraphs of more than 350 words. Repeat the rule to write multiple paragraphs. However, one should grasp the idea of paragraph writing first. Secondly, you should know about the usage of transitions which are very important to keep coherence throughout the essay.

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Haya Zahra
Apr 05, 2023
5:56 PM
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May 02, 2023
12:20 PM
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