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What is New in MLA's Latest Edition?
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Emily Belle
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Jan 31, 2023
10:41 PM

The Modern language association style is one of the most commonly used formats across the world in academic writing. It is more specifically used in the fields of earth sciences, Humanities, and literature. It provides the writer with a coherent format to sustain consistency throughout the document. The basic format of an MLA document is that the complete document is written in the double-spaced form. Similarly, it is written in 12pt Times New Roman font. In MLA format the level-one headings are Bold and left-aligned. The level-two headings are Italicized and left-aligned. However, the level-three headings are Bold and centered. Likewise, level-four headings are italicized and centered. This is the basic format of an MLA document that differentiates it from other formats. You should keep in mind the fundamental structure first.


Over time MLA has incorporated many changes to facilitate the writer in the face of new problems. Currently, MLA has introduced its latest 9th edition. The handbook on the 9th edition was published in April 2021. The book is approximately 365 pages long. A handbook on the 8th edition of 160 pages long. It is evident from the size of the book that the 9th edition comprises minute details on different things. This article will highlight the major changes that MLA introduced in its latest edition. You should closely follow the following paragraphs of this article for comprehensive details. Get assistance from a writing service and ask to write my paper at a cheap price.


Before moving on to discuss the changes in the MLA 9th edition, you must bear in mind the importance of formatting. The question is, why do we need to follow a particular format after all? In academic writing, formatting is considered the technical part of your research. It provides the details of your work, and it also provides an ease for the reader to understand the patterns of your paper. For instance, it is easy for a professor to cross-check the details you provide in your research paper by following a particular format. If you do not follow a particular format in your research, it would be difficult for the reader to trace your work which would undermine the credibility of your paper. therefore, you should remain updated with the latest changes in the formatting style. Let's update ourselves about the 9th edition of MLA by visiting the key changes.


In the in-text citation, the latest editions are the page numbers. In the previous versions of MLA, you only required the last name of the author in the in-text citation. In the 9th edition, it is mandatory that you should also include the page number after the last name of the author. This minute change is very important at least for me and many other like me who do not pay heed to page numbers. As an essay writer, I often skip particular page numbers. In the context of the latest edition in MLA, it has become very important for the academic writer to include the exact page details in the in-text citations.


Another change has been made in the "work-cited" portion wherein you have to provide the major details of the source at the end of the paper on a separate page. Previously, it was necessary to provide the "accessed date" for electronic sources, even if the publication date was mentioned. In the 9th edition, it is no more required for the writer to provide the "accessed date," once the publication date is present. Now, I don't need to provide the access date to write my essay which was always a headache. To me, the accessed date never made sense. Better it is no more required as per the latest edition.


Likewise, the 8th edition permitted the incorporation of information from Wikipedia, however, it never encouraged it. The latest edition does not permit it from the core to include Wikipedia as a source. To me, it is a positive development that would enrich the quality of research work. I never consider Wikipedia a credible source. I have experience in professional writing, and the essay writing service, wherein I worked, always discouraged the incorporation of information from Wikipedia. To make it precise, you should avoid using Wikipedia in your MLA style from now on.


Another change is about citing a dictionary. You can cite a dictionary as per the latest MLA edition. You can cite a dictionary in the following manner: Content, NO. of content, name of dictionary, edition, publication date, and page number. In other words, the latest editions have made it more precise to cross-check the definitions or other key terms that you use in your work. The latest editions stress the usage of "inclusive Language" throughout your work. You are not allowed to use a particular term with a different connotation than your own. For instance, you can't use "Anti-Semitism" with a negative connotation, and so on. You should need to pay good heed to the inclusiveness of different words and terms in your work.


To sum up, the latest development in MLA has been made by considering different aspects of academic writing. It is clear that academic writing is improving and transforming day by day. Therefore, the required changes, in the styles are very important, for the better development of research rationales and key writing techniques. The detailed handbook of 365 pages, lucidly explains various changes that MLA 9th edition has brought with it. You should read the book for a better understanding of every minute detail about the 9th edition. You should ask an expert to do my essay for me if you don't have time to write.


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