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House Cleaning Mop (Diwali Offer)
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Aditya Mishra
1 post
Oct 03, 2022
4:48 AM

3 Best Floor Cleaning Mops That Are Worth Checking Out

You probably spend a good amount of your time cleaning your home, but you might not have thought about how to clean your floors. After all, there are numerous other things to clean that come into contact with dirt and dust on a much more regular basis. However, the floor is what people see when they enter your home. A dirty floor can make an otherwise nice house look shabby and unkempt. Fortunately, modern mops make it relatively easy to keep your floors clean and tidy even if you don’t have much spare time in your schedule. In this article we explore top 3 floor cleaning mops that are worth checking out.


Bona Hardwood Floor Mop

The Bona Hardwood  Multiporpose Floor Cleaning Mop is a quick and easy way to clean your hardwood floors without needing to haul out the heavy vacuum cleaner. This mop is definitely not suitable for cleaning carpeting, but it’s perfect for keeping your hardwood flooring in excellent condition. This mop features a triangular cleaning pad that attaches to the mop head and is designed to get into the grooves of the wood flooring. The pad features a special wood-friendly cleaning solution that gently removes dirt and dust without damaging your flooring. This mop is easy to use and lightweight, so it’s ideal for people who have a lot of cleaning to do and are looking for an easy way to tackle their hardwood flooring. One of the best things about this mop is that it’s machine washable.


Dyson V6 Trigger and V8 Cordless Mop

The Dyson V6 Trigger and V8 Cordless Mop are both excellent hardwood floor mops. The V6 can be used on all types of hard flooring, including laminate, tile, and hardwood. The V8 is designed specifically for hardwood and can be used on all types of engineered hardwood with the correct combination of mop head and cleaning solution. Both of these mops feature a unique rotating brush head that makes it easy to remove grime from your floors. These mops are lightweight and easy to use. You can use the V6 cordless mop to clean your floors without having to lug around a heavy and cumbersome vacuum cleaner. The V8 is a little heavier and more cumbersome than the V6, but it does come with an automatic cord rewind function that makes it easier to store. Both of these mops are excellent for cleaning hardwood flooring and come highly recommended by consumers.

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